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Between the fleeting world revealed in a reflection on water, and the brutal honesty held deep in the earth, I find my inspiration. My work is an examination of spaces away from people, either protected from or recovering from human endeavour. Through my photography and multimedia work, I attempt to document the damage done, and the blight we leave behind, while illuminating the vast scapes held in small spaces, beautiful and unseen, sheltered from human hands. The tension between the beauty of the Puget Sound and the unrelenting crush of humanity compels me to record these spaces and what is left behind.

A Pacific Northwest artist/designer, Jon moved to Seattle in 1990 to attend Cornish College of the Arts. By 1996 he was lead designer for a hand-painted wallcovering line, SJW Studios, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with area artist Steve Jensen to develop the line and work hand in hand with interior designers from around the country to create custom looks and colors to bring their projects together. His work has appeared in Elle Decor, Southern Living, and Architectural Digest. Meanwhile, he and his wife launched Chemical Wedding, a line of one of a kind, hand-made leather bags, they have been carried by the Palm Springs Art Museum, the Portland Art Museum and currently have an ongoing project with the Seattle Art Museum.  All the while using photography and mixed media as tools to explore abstract images. When not in the studio, Jon is a colorist and color consultant in the interior design field.

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