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Jon Haaland Seattle artist

“Memory is not permanent, individually or collectively.  Memories are lost to time, trauma, choice, some are lost to the next news cycle - yet the residuals are all around us. A sense of loss, a scar, a ringing in the ears, a box of old photographs with unfamiliar faces, the traces left behind from our lives, the amount which is remembered pales in comparison to the amount committed to oblivion.”


Between the fleeting world revealed in a reflection and the brutal honesty held by the earth, I find my inspiration. I explore the intersections of nature and human action, aiming to document the remnants, conflicts, and what remains behind.

Jon, an artist and designer hailing from the Pacific Northwest, embarked on his creative journey when he relocated to Seattle in 1990 to pursue studies at Cornish College of the Arts. As the years unfolded, his talents flourished, leading him to assume the role of lead designer for SJW Studios—a company specializing in hand-painted wallcoverings—by 1996.

During this period, Jon had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed local artist Steve Jensen. Together, they molded the essence of the company and worked closely with interior designers from across the nation. Their efforts resulted in bespoke designs and contemporary palettes, seamlessly integrating into a  diverse range of projects. The fruits of these endeavors earned recognition, with Jon's creations gracing the pages of prestigious publications such as Elle Decor, Southern Living, and Architectural Digest.

In tandem with his creative exploits, Jon and his partner Tracy embarked on another artistic venture named Chemical Wedding. This enterprise birthed an exclusive collection of meticulously crafted leather bags, each a unique and one of a kind. Their creations garnered acclaim and found a home in renowned cultural institutions like the Palm Springs Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, and Seattle Art Museum.

Simultaneously, Jon's artistic pursuits delved into mixed media and photography, serving as conduits to explore the dynamic interplay between humanity and the natural world. Through his work, he unraveled the lingering echoes of human actions upon the environment.

Beyond the confines of his studio, Jon extended his expertise to the realm of interior design as a skillful colorist, creator of unique architectural finishes and as a color consultant for The Paint Laboratory. His keen eye for color intricacies enriches the spaces he encounters.

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